In Saudi Arabia, Photoshop Makes Mariah Carey Modest


Censorship is prevalent in Saudi Arabia, and someone has collected photos illustrating all the ways Mariah Carey has been covered up.

On the Butterfly cover, Mariah gets a new, longer shirt, which hides her shoulders and belly.

Mimi was suffering from cold shoulders!

Here, a dress was turned into a tunic shirt and pants were added. Stylish!

Collarbones and arms are concealed on the Glitter artwork.

Raise your hand if you kind of like the one on the right better.

Capri pants are a nice touch.

Weird. really weird.

So: A wet t-shirt is better than a bikini top? Good to know.

The best one yet: “Let’s just cloak her entire body in shadows.”

ماريا كاري في السعودية [ibrii]
Mariah Carey’s Massive Pussy Photoshop In Saudi Arabia: Photos [Anorak]

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