In Which Vanilla Ice Recounts Playing Dress-Up with Madonna


Remember way back when Vanilla Ice and Madonna were dating? Vanilla Ice sure does, and he was kind enough to publicly reminisce about all that time he and his former best gal spent going to movies disguised as old people.

In a recent interview with Canadian television personality George Stroumboulopoulos, Mr. Ice recounted all fun times he and Madonna had when they were dating in the early 90s. For starters, the couple made excellent use of disguises in public, which leads me to believe that Madonna and Vanilla Ice weren’t just superstar pop singer paramours — they were also super-sexy spies.

Said Ice:

Like, we would go to movies. We had disguises. I had a mustache and a hat with hair coming down and she would go as an old lady.
And we would walk in and the bodyguards would [be] like 20ft behind. Y’know, kinda lookin’ just like we’re nobody. And just walk in and go and see our movie and just have a good, normal… we’d do dinner that way and nobody would ever recognize us. It was the greatest.

You know? Vanilla Ice’s musical stylings may not stand the test of time, but at least he’ll always have those stories about playing dress-up with Madonna and his property-flipping business in Florida. That isn’t the worst legacy in the world.

[Belfast Telegraph]

Image via AP

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