Ingrid Michaelson Smashes Romantic Cliches in Star-Studded New Video


Ingrid Michaelson, the woman behind that amazing “Lady in Spain” song, has just released a new video. It’s chock full of male comedians trying to upstage her by playing out every romantic trope from every romantic comedy you’ve ever seen. But is Michaelson going to let Donald Faison cramp her style? Absolutely not.

Featuring Rainn Wilson, Rob Delaney, Jorge Garcia as well as Faison and a host of other comedic actors (Kevin from The Office! The hottest DILF on TV from Raising Hope) the video is both funny and a reminder of how ridiculous people look when they’re trying to be romantic and shit. Rose petals? Guyliner? Ingrid Michaelson isn’t interested in any of your garbage. She is, however, very interested in throwing Rainn Wilson over a piano, which I can get behind. Come on, he can take it!

Also, is it just me or is Michaelson giving us a distinct Tori Amos vibe in the beginning of the video? (It’s probably just me.)

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