Intense Photos of Plastic Surgery Tranformations Going Viral in China


Plastic surgery continues to grow more and more popular in China, with women and men crossing the border into South Korea to get extensive surgery that transforms not just their features, but their entire faces, rendering them almost unrecognizable. And these recently posted photos are causing quite a stir in the news.

Shanghaiist reports that photos, which feature before and afters of women who have gotten numerous procedures, have been drawing attention since they were posted on the internet and then hosted on a Chinese news site. The photos, which are jaw-dropping, come with captions which detail the things each woman hated about herself (“sunken nose, yellowish skin, narrow forehead”) as well as the type of procedures they’ve had done (which range from Botox, to rhinoplasty, to jaw contouring). And while it’s awesome that these women did what they wanted to appear more beautiful for themselves, it’s also not a huge leap to assume that many of these procedures (such as skin lightening and creation of a double eyelid) were influenced by European standards of beauty, which can be seen even in the way some of the photos are lit. Some women also underwent Intense Pulsed Light treatment, a procedure which can, among other things, be employed to lighten the skin.

According to Shanghaiist, many of the women pictured chose similar procedures. Shanghaiist’s quotes accompany the photos.

Liu [Yisong] disliked her eye shape, her flat nose, her round face shape and narrow forehead. She underwent a double eyelid operation, V-line surgery, nose reconstruction surgery and had collagen injections as well as a skin rejuvenation treatment.
These 22-year-old twins are students from Nanning. The women previously disliked their matching “snub” noses, round faces, eyes and acne. Both women underwent nose reconstruction surgeries, eye reshaping operations, V-line surgeries, Botox injections and had laser treatment done on their faces.
Yang Jiayi is a 21-year-old clerk from Beijing. Yang had her eye shape altered through surgery and received eyelash extensions. She also underwent the V-line surgery, had a chin implant put in, and underwent nose reconstruction surgery. Last, Yang got Botox injections in her forehead and cheeks, and underwent IPL skin treatment.
Wang Pingping is a 24-year-old tour guide from Hangzhou. She underwent surgery to change her pear-shaped face. She also had a nose job, eye reconstruction surgery and Botox injections.
Lin is a 19-year-old model from Quanzhou who disliked her “swollen” upper eyelids, prominent cheekbones, nose and rough skin. She underwent double eyelid surgery, chin reconstruction and face contouring with fat transfers in her cheeks and forehead. She also received IPL skin treatment.

All of the photos can be seen here.

Images via Bolon

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