Internet's Favorite Voguing Teen Is Now Modeling for American Apparel


I’ve long thought the notion that the internet as Great Equalizer is some wishful utopian bullshit, but this important new development is making me reconsider. Brendan Jordan, the Las Vegas teenager whose pose-striking on local news went viral and landed him on The Queen Latifah Show, has now parlayed webfame into becoming a fashion model, exactly as he should be.

Jordan, 15, is now an official American Apparel model, and he’s working those poses he debuted on Channel 8 with a fierceness, striking full face while rocking “AGE APPROPRIATE” looks in pink and blue. AA ads always include a blurb about who the models are; Brendan’s includes the line, “We were inspired by Brendan after seeing his fearless act of spontaneity and applaud his efforts with the LGBTQ community. His favorite styles of ours include the Clear PVC Circle Skirt and anything high-waisted.”

Also, shout to the LGBT Pride shirt on the left, and also the fact that he is not a traditionally “hot” 98-pound model in various states of undress. Go Brendan!

Here’s the video that made this young chap famous, hopefully por vida. Again: waiting for that Brendan Jordan/Lohanthony collabo, thank you very much.

Image via American Apparel/Aus News.

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