Iowa Capitol Building Evacuated Over Burned-to-Shit Easy Mac


The only thing worse than an office coworker who brings in stuff like a cauliflower-broccoli-kraut medley for lunch is the kind of coworker who never figured out how to use a microwave.

Like the kind of person who’s working within Iowa’s state government, who, I’m guessing, feels kind of silly, having forgotten about their bowl of Easy Mac until the whole thing went to shit—literally—and the capitol building had to be evacuated because smoke from the microwave (which was within close range of the Senate chamber, kind of weird?) set off the emergency alarm.

What I find more alarming: this photo of the aftermath. Is that what happens to Easy Mac after it’s digested in the chambers of our intestinal tracts? (Should we consult Food Babe first?)

Image via @WilliamPetroski.

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