iPotty, The iPad-Holding Latrine for Tots, Officially 2013's Worst Toy


The Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood held their annual TOADY competition, where consumers could vote on the worst toy of the year. Well, the results are in, and the coveted TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) award went to the iPotty, the iPad holder with a toilet that lets your baby look at digital shit while s/he learns to shit.

One of the voters in the CCFC poll explained her and many others’ disapproval:

“Toilet learning should be a time of positive interaction between child and caregiver. Also, children should be aware of the cues in their bodies as they learn. This toy takes this social/emotional focus out of the process and substitutes the hypnotism of a screen.”

Of course there is plenty of information regarding child development and their screen time—the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommend that parents should avoid exposing babies and children under two years old to entertainment media. But how, oh how, will we promote eye-tracking skills in children, a purported benefit of the iPotty?

Oh I don’t know. Make eye contact with the baby? Play with the baby?

The TOADY award has been calling out developmentally harmful toys for children since 2009. Previous TOADY laureates include the Vinci Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet, the Apptivity Monkey, which is basically a plush toy monkey iPhone case, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Barbie.

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