Is a Banged President Still Bangable? This and Other Questions from Last Night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner


The White House Correspondents’ Dinner might not have been for everyone, but it certainly featured some creepy photoshopping and at least one soul-snatching image of a cerulean-eyed Furby, which, if you gaze at for too long, will hypnotize you into becoming its eternal battery-gathering servant.

But we digress. The most important question raised at last night’s WHCD wasn’t how many discarded Furbies are currently living in our subway tunnels, silently preparing for invasion, but just how bangable is Barack Obama with bangs? Mildly less bangable? Does he still exude an effortless confidence and intellectual rigor, or does he look like the lead marauder in a post-apocalyptic gang of oil-starved motorcycle pirates?

It’s hard to tell, really, because we’re not in the future and we can’t know how attractive the oil pirate look is then (probably super attractive). What we do know is that Sarah Palin was not at all amused by anything that happened in or around the White House last night:


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