Is Allison Williams Gunning to Play Mary Poppins?


Not satisfied with ruining just one of our childhood memories, Allison Williams seems to be intent upon ruining yet another: she dropped some hints in a new interview, suggesting that she wants to play Mary Poppins in some inevitable remake of that classic film.

In 2013, Williams told Teen People that Mary Poppins was one of favorite movies. In 2015, as part of New York mag’s 21 Questions series, Williams said the following:

What’s your favorite medication?
I usually skip the medicine and go straight to a spoonful of sugar.

OH REALLY. You just go straight to a spoonful of a sugar. I hear that makes the medicine go down.

In less obvious hints, Williams said that her drink is “cranberry and seltzer with lime” and that she hasn’t stayed out past 3 am in over five years. Recently, after having a crazy conversation with a woman on meth about meth on the subway, she kept a note about the “interaction” on her phone. Puritanical, with an attention to detail: the perfect Poppins.

Williams also dropped a hint that she’s very up on her theater—musicals included:

What’s the last thing you saw on Broadway?
Of Mice and Men? Or Bullets Over Broadway? I can’t remember — I saw a bunch before Peter Pan took over my life. But I’m seeing Cabaret tomorrow night. And Beautiful on Friday night. And then The Elephant Man, Constellations, and Verité.

Lastly, who knows what the fuck Mary Poppins would do in this situation, but as this is the most baffling lie I’ve ever read from someone explaining why they don’t give money to panhandlers, it should be noted:

Do you give money to panhandlers?
I don’t. I don’t really know why I don’t. Probably because my wallet is so buried and zipped away in my purse for fear of pickpockets (based on the city’s reputation many, many years ago). But if I’m waiting for a train and hear good music, I will often give them money.

Our future with Allison Williams as Mary Poppins draws closer and closer.

Image via Jonathan Leibson/Getty for Variety and Disney

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