Is Astrology Really Having a Resurgence?

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This was a really hard year, OK? Trying to make sense of all the bullshit is exhausting and damn near impossible, so it follows that increasingly, it seems we’d be searching for our answers in the stars.

People have been asking “what’s your sign” for centuries, but thanks to the internet, astrology seems to be in the middle of a revival. Twitter and Instagram are flooded with memes about how Cancers are always crying or how Libras like me desperately need everyone to like them. Every time I swipe through Tinder, the sun, moon, and rising signs of any potential suitors are right underneath a parade of shameless selfies with the Snapchat filters still on them.

Jezebel sat down with Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, Co-Star’s Banu Guler, and astrological historian Nicholas Campion to learn more about why astrology thrives in these online spaces and just how much of its popularity is because we’re all really, really stressed out.

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