Is Target's 'Trophy Wife' Shirt Sexist Or Just Ugly?


Target is currently in hot water for selling an ugly shirt that might also be sexist. (Again.) The shirt is sold in the store’s women’s juniors section and features the word ‘TROPHY’ printed in a large, nearly-Beyoncé font. Angry customers have taken to social media to voice their complaints about the ugly shirt, and a petition has been launched asking for its removal.

The author of the petition wrote:

Labeling any person as a ‘Trophy’ is demeaning their humanity and objectifying them as a tangible object that can be bought, used, and disposed of.

But Target doesn’t agree. In a statement given to USA TODAY, Target representative Molly Snyder wrote:

It is never our intention to offend anyone and we always appreciate receiving feedback from our guests. The shirt you’re describing is part of a collection of engagement and wedding shirts that are available in our women’s and plus size departments. The collection also included shirts that say ‘Team Bride,’ ‘Mrs.’ and ‘Bride.’ These shirts are intended as a fun wink and we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our guests.

So the ugly shirt isn’t sexist, it’s just a fun wink! Kind of like how catcalls are just friendly observations.

The ugly shirt is still being sold in stores and online.

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