Is the California Drought Producing More Homeless Kittens? 


Finally, the massive drought gripping California has an adorable, helpless furry face that America can love!

Yes, that’s right—if millions of dead trees don’t bother you and even the prospect of brown dead lawns in Beverly Hills doesn’t move you, consider the plight of the Bay Area’s abandoned kittens. SF Gate reports that local cats have been really horny lately and hey, maybe the warm weather and ongoing drought are to blame:

Animal shelter officials in Oakland made a public plea for donations Monday after announcing at a news conference that warm, dry weather had put love in the air in the East Bay, at least in the feline world. Cats appear to be mating more — and producing more offspring than they can care for.
“We get a lot of kittens every year, but it has started early this year,” said Rebecca Katz, director of Oakland Animal Services, as a quartet of month-old cats that had been lost or abandoned joined her in front of television cameras.

They’re also seeking volunteers to help care for all these kittens. (Seriously, go foster a kitten.)

Of course, wildlife biologist Jason Holley isn’t quite so sure. He told SF Gate that “there might be some correlation there, but if the drought is the cause, who knows.” He said it was more likely that a species such as the Santa Cruz long-toed salamander would run into trouble. But of course, it’s much easier to get America interested in cuddly-wuddly lil fluffy cuties.

A kitten named Jacuzzi at a Los Angeles animal shelter, 2013. Photo via AP.

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