Is This The Best Website Since Procatinator?


Almost a full year ago, I reported on a site that I felt was bound to change the face of the internet. While Procatinator failed to do that, it still remains as one of the most effective time-sucks to ever hit the world wide web. Now, there’s another music fueled kitty site making the rounds and it’s almost just as good, though not nearly as all-consuming.

Bring the Cats mixes all of your favorite feline celebs with an — I don’t know — genius(?) dance beat called “Bring in the Katz featuring Porkchop” by KW Griff. Don’t question it. Just turn your volume all the way up, especially if you’re in a quiet office and your boss is nearby.

In even better news, you can also purchase an mp3 of “Bring in the Katz” so that you can listen to it whenever you want, like when you’re jogging, eating or trying to go to bed.


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