It's Fine to Keep Your Christmas Tree Up a Little While Longer 


There’s a lot of judgement these days (including from me) about what we should or shouldn’t do. Read these books. Don’t eat Romaine lettuce. Do surgery on a grape. Drink tea. Don’t drink tea. It’s okay, a healthy dose of judgement is fine! But one thing that no one should judge you for is keeping your Christmas tree up as long as you want.

Look, the weeks after Christmas are hard enough. The lights come down, you have to go back to work, and you’ve eaten all the clementines that your mom gave you. You have to do a crazy dumb exercise regime that you resolved to do in the new year and then feel guilty about immediately dropping it. You’re entering the months of January, February, and March, objectively the worst quarter of the year. So why not allow yourself to hold onto your beautiful plump tree just a little longer?

Putting up a Christmas tree takes a lot of effort. I know, because when I got older my parents got lazy and told me I could only have a tree if I decorated it myself. Don’t put in all that work just to cut your reward short!

It’s also a lot of work to take a tree down. If you want to relax after arguing with your family for days on end about whether you should get a “real” “job” then go ahead and kick back, buddy. No one’s watching.

Yes, it’s true that Christmas trees get less beautiful as they slowly perish in the trap you’ve created for them in your house. But if you keep your tree well-watered, they still smell good for a little while. And as long as you make sure it’s not a fire hazard, I say there’s no reason you should feel bad that you still haven’t thrown your tree out by New Years.

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