It's Rocker Funeral Attire For Ozzy Osbourne Documentary Red Carpet


Ozzy didn’t even show up for the premiere of the documentary about him—God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, produced by his son Jack—so given that pretty much everyone was wearing black, it looked like they were showing up for his wake.

Or maybe Ozzy didn’t show up because so many of the other attendees are sober now and he’s not (I think?). Either way, Sharon Osbourne looked like the typical classy, rich mom. Even though Jack is grown up now, he still has a lot of Pugsley going on. And Steve-O has come such a long way that you can’t really hold the fact that he doesn’t seem to own an iron against him.

For someone who’s on a fashion critique show—and on which she’s extremely critical—you’d think Kelly Osbourne would, I dunno, wear something else? The shoes are cute but the the pattern on the dress is so busy, the worst part being that it’s an illustration of a woman wearing a pastie right around where Kelly’s own nipple should be, but only slightly off.

This is the Black Veil Brides, who evidently don’t realize it’s August in California. At least now we know who modeled for the illustration on Kelly’s dress (guy on the far right).

First of all, Nikki Sixx is working with some major under boob sweat. Secondly, he has a hole in his shoe. I hate when people who have money go out of their way to dress like they’re poor, like it gives them some kind of cred or something. Meanwhile, his camera costs more than most people’s mortgage payments.

It’s incredibly freaky that Linda Perry no longer has feet. Sara Gilbert gets Best Dressed from me because she’s one of the few people in attendance that doesn’t look like she smells. And then there’s Bridgetta Tomarchio, who is apparently most well known for being an ExtenZe spokeswoman. She apparently takes giving guys boners very seriously.

Michael Des Barres is gonna get back to whatever it is he does as soon as he’s done picking his ass. Chris Jericho could pass for a more bookish Situation. And sadly, it appears that Tommy Davidson somehow escaped from the home. He looks really confused despite wearing his best leisure suit shirt.

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