Jake Gyllenhaal Is Dating All the Models Right Now


Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly has a new model ladyfriend. The actor, who was recently dating Emily DiDonato, has been spotted around town with Alyssa Miller:

Spies tell us that Gyllenhaal and Miller were spotted at lunch last week at the Dutch in Soho before reports they’d been “making out” at Cold Process Coffee & Tea.

This has been an important update on Jake Gyllenhaal, and models. [P6]

“It’s cutthroat! You take [your work] home with you or it would be cut up.” @Zac_Posen on Central Saint Martins at #fashionistacon
— Fashionista.com (@Fashionista_com) June 21, 2013

Zac Posen says studying fashion at Central Saint Martins in London wasn’t all fun and games. [@Fashionista_com]

• The U.N.’s International Labor Organization has issued a damning report on Bangladesh. The I.L.O. report criticizes the nation’s government for failing to guarantee Bangladeshis’ rights to free association, including the right to organize and form unions, and for failing to investigate or prosecute attacks and even killings of labor organizers. In certain instances, the government even participates in the harassment of union leaders and members via arrests and official harassment. The I.L.O. also faults the country’s 2006 Labor Act, numerous provisions of which do not comply with the I.L.O. convention on labor that Bangladesh has signed. The I.L.O. says that Bangladesh’s current laws jeopardize worker safety. More than 1200 Bangladeshi garment workers have died in preventable industrial disasters in recent months. [WWD]

• H&M, which is incidentally the largest manufacturer of clothing in Bangladesh, is expanding a clothing-recycling pilot program to all 2900 of its stores worldwide. The program allows customers to receive a discount if, at the time of purchase, they also donate used clothing to be resold or recycled into industrial textiles or back into raw fibers. [Bloomberg]

• Topshop has a new nine-piece collection in partnership with Reclaim to Wear, which encourages zero-waste manufacturing in the garment industry. [Racked]

• Christian Louboutin says he “had no choice but fighting” Yves Saint Laurent over its challenge to his trademarked red-soled shoes. After a long legal battle, the scope of Louboutin’s trademark was narrowed, but upheld in main. Louboutin says in taking on one of the world’s largest luxury conglomerates (YSL is owned by Kering) he “represented freedom” for smaller designers. The battle was “David against Goliath,” Louboutin said in a new interview — “almost a war, like democracy versus totalitarianism.” At that point, his interviewer suggested that he was perhaps overstating the case. Louboutin shot back, “That’s the way they behaved with me. They’re like, ‘You’re a peanut.’ I’m like, ‘I’m a peanut, but still’…It was almost like a macho type of thing.” [WWD]

• Rumor has it Rachel Zoe is pregnant again. [Us]

• PVH acquired fellow apparel giant Warnaco for $2.9 billion in 2012, and apparently the costs to PVH have been a little higher than anticipated. The company just announced it is taking a two-year holiday from any further acquisitions to concentrate on its existing brands, which include Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. [WWD]

• A Cape Cod man who was stalking Miranda Kerr has been arrested and charged with making threats with a firearm. He apparently had a detailed plan to go to Los Angeles and kill Kerr. [Buzzfeed]

• Valextra wants to go from being a $17 million company (measured in annual revenue) to a $105 million company in the next five years. The accessories brand also announced that it intends to do an I.P.O. one of these years. [WWD]

• And now, a moment with legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath. Pat, what was it like working with John Galliano during the Christian Dior days?

“John and his team really played with makeup. I remember bringing a girl down once, and she had on probably 10 pairs of lashes and three pounds of eye shadow and the hugest, glossiest lips,” McGrath says. “We brought her into the studio for a make-up test, and John said, ‘We’re not doing a beach story. This is not about a natural look.’ He wanted more.”


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