James Franco Wants to Steal Ryan Gosling's Heart From You (And Touch His Abs)

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In an article for HuffPo today, James Franco “reviewed” the film The Place Beyond the Pines, but spent most of his word count extolling the rippling abs of Baby Goose.

“I loved the whole film and was engaged every moment of the way. But what I want to talk about is the first section, the Gosling section; I want to make love to this section,” he wrote.
The Spring Breakers star began to illustrate the opening scene of the movie and noted that the first image audience members see is “Gos’s toned six-pack, framed tight so that his head is cut off in order to focus our attention on the full spread of idiosyncratic tattoos and the impressive opening and closing of a butterfly knife, a skill Gosling mastered.”


Rick Ross is really, really sorry…that you interpreted his rape lyric as being about rape and were totally uptight about it, jeez. Today in sorry-not-sorry, Ross tweeted a non-apology that seems mainly motivated by his bottom line. Not, you know, social responsibility or concern for rape victims.

About a week after calling the outcry over a verse in his tune “U.O.E.N.O.” a “misunderstanding,” the rapper finally apologized for the offense via Twitter today.
“I dont condone rape.Apologies for the #lyric interpreted as rape. #BOSS,” Ross tweeted.
He added, “Apologies to my many business partners,who would never promote violence against women. @ReebokClassics @ultraviolet.”

Oh, thank you sooooooo much. Here, have a cookie. [Drops cookie in toilet.] Oops, sorry you interpreted that cookie as being in the toilet. [E!]

John Mayer was totally jealous of Katy Perry‘s friendship with Russell Brand, said a source who is totally a real person.

The lusty Lothario grew tired of Katy’s comparisons between him and the Brit comedian, and it created a tension between them that threatened to boil over at any point.
“John and Katy together were like a volcano just about to go off,” a source reveals.
“Their relationship was incredibly volatile, stemming from the jealousy they both harbored deep inside.
“Sure, Katy was unhappy that John constantly flirted with other girls and played up his heartbreaker image, even when she was standing next to him.
“But, Katy gave it back. She knew that she could push John’s buttons by comparing his flaws to what she saw was great in Russell, which he hated!

Ugh @ all of those words. [Radar]

  • Picture what you think Vanessa Hudgens would wear to Coachella. Now look at this picture of what Vanessa Hudgens wore to Coachella last year. Now high-five yourself because you are literally Nostradamus. [E!]
  • Apparently Kim Kardashian was nervous to tell her family about her pregnancy, and you can watch that thrilling drama unfold on the next ep of Kourtney and Kim and Khaleesi Kornkob Kardassian Kraftwerk (in Miami). [E!]
  • Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) is currently in the middle of an awful divorce, and says she has less than $5 in her bank account. She’s currently waiting on her tax return so she can pay her debts. Which she always does. [HuffPo]
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Cuba for their anniversary. [People]
  • OH MY GOD. I had read about this Justin Bieber tattoo situation, but I hadn’t actually SEEN THE TATTOO. OH MY GOD. [E!]
  • Ryan Murphy is currently shopping a “HOT CABLE DRAMA.” [Deadline]
  • Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still engaged. According to the words written on this website. [E!]
  • Richard Roeper spoke fondly of former partner Roger Ebert:
  • “The guy you saw on TV, telling all those great stories, and having such great passion for movies and being so passionate about so many things – first and foremost his family – that was the real Roger Ebert. What you saw is what you got. We had a great run together, and I have a lot of memories.”
  • [DigitalSpy]
  • Ryan Lochte says he wants to “be like Kim Kardashian.” Mission already accomplished in so many ways, brah! [DigitalSpy]


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