Jane Fonda's Fitness-Powered Houses Will Make You Feel Like a Hamster


Jane Fonda, the fitness-forward VHS guru and Hollywood demigoddess who recently got her fingerprints all over the Walk of Fame, is taking the idea of physical fitness as a lifestyle choice to new hamster-wheel extremes. According to Architizer, Fonda has slapped her name on a new micro home design from Spanish design firm Elli Studio. The so-called Jane Fonda Kit House (JF-Kit in street parlance) is a small structure “totally powered by stationary bikes, weights, and other ‘kinetically powered mechanisms.’” In other words, living in a Jane Fonda mini-house means working out almost constantly, like a dray horse or an Iditarod husky.

The JF-Kit home is basically, writes Architizer, and off-the-grid dwelling for a hermit who also happens to be in tremendous shape. Like Wolverine, Rambo, and, in another age, perhaps Emily Dickinson, who probably would have written many hilarious poems about trying to water her plants with the lat pulldown action pumps, accidentally flooding her house, and then having a mermaid encounter in the basement.


Image via AP, Jordan Strauss

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