Jane Krakowski Gives Peter Pan Live! Audition the Jenna Maroney Try


If you happen to exist in the center of the “people who miss 30 Rock” and “people who are dreading Peter Pan Live!” Venn diagram, Funny or Die has the video for you! It’s Jane Krakowski’s Peter Pan audition tape, leaked DIRECTLY from NBC!

Krakowski’s portrayal of the boy who never grows up is darker and more risky than what we’re used to seeing. A little bit Jenna Maroney, a little bit Liza Minnelli, her Peter can belt “Cabaret,” come back to life and battle a nasty pixie dust habit. Not surprising, but nevertheless disappointing, that the network cowards went with a safe choice like Allison Williams.

Also, please note that this Funny or Die sketch features my current favorite comedian, John Early. I recommend that you go watch all of his videos, starting with this shot-for-shot remake of the rehearsal scene from Showgirls.

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