January Jones Killed a Snake Who Might Have Been an Angel Disguised as a Snake to Test Her

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January Jones Killed a Snake Who Might Have Been an Angel Disguised as a Snake to Test Her
Photo:Presley Ann (Getty Images)

It’s an incredible day filled with lots of exciting celebrity news. For example, January Jones killed a snake!

“I was forced to bludgeon yet another rattlesnake today,” she told Instagram followers in a Story post on Friday, NBC News reports. That’s right. ANOTHER. “I almost cried. I’m sorry snake family, this house is taken.”

But is that the whole story? I would argue no. I believe that Jones is being tested by uh let’s say angels—angels who, one by one, arrive at her Topanga Canyon home in disguise to test her charity or generosity or whatever in exchange for an undisclosed heavenly reward.

“Spare a crumb fer ol’ snake?” they each ask before WHAM. Bludgeonina.

And that’s why you always let snakes into your home.

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  • Losing my mind……

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