Jason Momoa and Kate Beckinsale Looked Awfully Cozy at Oscars Afterparty

Kate was spotted wearing Jason's coat at the Vanity Fair party, and we have questions...

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Jason Momoa and Kate Beckinsale Looked Awfully Cozy at Oscars Afterparty
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Jason Momoa is single and apparently already mingling. The actor was spotted at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty on Sunday night, and multiple photos were taken of him orbiting around Kate Beckinsale.

Perhaps the most telling pic? One of Kate wearing Jason’s tuxedo jacket to keep warm. You can see the pic here, where a source also told E! News that the pair “were standing at a bar chatting” and that “they both had smiles on their faces and were very much into their conversation.” This same mystery source claimed that the pair “looked really happy.”

Now, it was Oscars night, so odds are high anyone not involved with The Slap was in a celebratory mood, and these two could very well just be friends. But Momoa did announce his split with wife Lisa Bonet a few months ago and even pushed back on reconciliation rumors on the red carpet on Sunday.

“We’re not getting back together. We’re family forever,” he told Access Hollywood, not once but twice.

Kate hasn’t been romantically connected to anyone since her brief 2020 dalliance with Goody Grace. And who can forget her whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson? Not me!!

Anyway, maybe these two are a burgeoning couple, or maybe they’re just friends… but on behalf of, I’m sure, a lot of us: I’d like to see them kiss, at least once.

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