Jeanine Pirro Wouldn't Take a Coronavirus Vaccine Even If One Existed

Jeanine Pirro Wouldn't Take a Coronavirus Vaccine Even If One Existed
Image: Mike Theiler (Getty Images)

In the bowels of the internet is a web series you have likely never heard of called London Real, hosted by a man named Brian Rose. London Real is a series of “long format interviews” with what it purports are “the most important voices in the world.” In July, one of these important voices was former state judge and Fox News host who has never been drunk on air Jeanine Pirro, who participated in an interview with Rose about America’s freedom. The topic of freedom somehow devolved into Pirro voicing her disdain over the idea of a vaccine for coronavirus, a medical development that she claims she would refuse to put in her body.

On the July 27th episode, which is behind a paywall but has been reposted by Media Matters for America, Pirro shared her disinterest in a coronavirus vaccine. “I don’t want a vaccine. I want a therapeutic,” Pirro says, in her signature slurry tone. She continued, “I’m not interested in putting it in my body. And by the way, I’m older, and I probably should be one of the people to be vaccinated. But I won’t. I’m not going to allow them to do that to me.” Essentially, Pirro like her colleague, Herman Cain, would rather risk death than undertake basic preventative measures to avoid contracting covid-19. That’s actually fine, more vaccine for me or literally anyone else who doesn’t want to continue to social distance until the earth explodes.

Doubling down on her desire to just grab covid-19 by the balls and jam it into her body, Pirro railed against another preventative measure she hates: masks. Pirro referred to them as dehumanizing and after she mocked Joe and Jill Biden for wearing masks when they left their house. Interesting take.

Since Pirro is so concerned with her freedom, the only fair thing to do is not give her a vaccine should one become available, and as the great athlete Ivan Drago once said, if she dies she dies. God bless America.

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