Jennifer Garner Is in Awe of Her Fungus-Like Children

Some kids are the apple of their mother's eye, but the Garner-Affleck children are mushrooms

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Jennifer Garner Is in Awe of Her Fungus-Like Children
Image:Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

Kids are great and for mom-of-three Jennifer Garner, they are also a fascinating natural occurrence, much like mushrooms! It’s a strange comparison, but Garner stays up pretty late at night according to her Instagram, so this all tracks.

On Wednesday night, Garner reposted a story from the Science Channel which showed a sped-up version of a mushroom growing. The actor captioned the video with, “Please enjoy this accurate representation of my kids’ current growth rate.”

At this point, I’d usually have something extremely quippy to say but I don’t know shit about kids and how they grow, so if Jennifer Garner wants to tell me that children grow out of the ground and are edible then I choose to believe her. I hope she pairs those kids with a nice white wine when they’re fully harvested. [E!]

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