Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay Are Teaming Up for a Theranos Movie 


In recent months, blood-testing startup Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes have faced a sharp reversal of fate. So sharp, in fact, that a movie inspired by the story is reportedly already in the works, and Jennifer Lawrence is involved.

Deadline says that The Big Short director Adam McKay is working on a Theranos movie, and Jennifer Lawrence is “attaching herself” to the project. Variety adds that “the duo will take meetings with studios next week in what will likely result in a heated bidding war in the weeks to come.” Details are scanty, but Deadline reminds you of the story so far:

Founded in 2003 by Holmes, Theranos claimed to have revolutionized blood testing by being able to use only a pinprick of blood, rather than traditional methods of drawing blood by injection. The company however is now under investigation over claims of inaccurate test results and Holmes’ own worth- at one point valued at $4.5 billion by Forbes thanks to her 50% stake in the company- has plummeted to a fraction of that. What’s more, Thermanos may even be banned from practising for two years for failing to resolve significant problems at its main California lab, according to a report from federal health regulator The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

It was pretty much inevitable that somebody would attempt to give this particular story the “inspired by” treatment at least, and obviously it’ll take a while before the movie hits screens. But seems like they might’ve wanted to let it shake out a little more before jumping into development. Guess they figure early birds, worms, etc.

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