Jennifer Lawrence Says Her Falls Aren't Fake, Shares More Embarrassing Stories to Prove It


Did you know there are people out there who think that Jennifer Lawrence fakes her falls? While I haven’t met even one person who’s accused her of falsifying her trips and tumbles, J.Law says that falling isn’t even close to being the most embarrassing thing she does. No, no, she’s done way worse.

In an interview with noted fellow faller Jimmy Fallon (the man who avulsed his entire finger after “tripping on a rug”), J.Law spoke about how upset she is that people think she’d ever do anything physically dangerous to endear herself to the press. She even told Fallon two stories that prove that falling is the least of her troubles (which is true, because she falls like a motherfucking swan goddess).

In the first story, Lawrence mistakes a woman for Elizabeth Taylor—who she knew was dead at the time she was meeting her, which is pretty endearing. In the second, she describes what it was like to approach Francis Ford Coppola only to find that her dress had come unzipped, and the famed director and every one of the people he was dining with had gotten a face full of her back and thong, which was just hanging out, shaking hands, kissing babies, and saying hello to its constituents.

The clip’s six minutes long, but since Lawrence talks so quickly and without interruption (it’s fun but a little exhausting), it goes by quickly and is actually pretty goddamn delightful—and believable. Sorry, J.Law, I’m ashamed we ever doubted you.*

*LOL, no. I’ll be a fall truther until the day my body is broken upon a mountain top and left for the vultures to devour.

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