Jennifer Lawrence's Santana Lipdub Is Freaking Stupendous


Oh, look, it’s talented film actress Jennifer Lawrence, a young woman whose work you have long appreciated from afar, but — because of your extreme respect for boundaries — you do not overly-relate to. What is she professionally up to now?

In this extended clip of American Hustle (viewable in the special features of the DVD), you can watch the full scene of Jennifer Lawrence (as the highly unstable, beautifully-coiffed Rosalyn Rosenfeld) singing along to Santana’s “Evil Ways” with all the fire and anger it deserves.

I would say that Jennifer Lawrence seems like she’d be a lot of fun to go to a concert with, but that would be inappropriate. She is not your BFF. She is an actor who performs in movies, tells empathizing stories on talk shows and you are NOT ALLOWED to wish that you were friends with her, no matter how fun it seems. You are certainly not allowed to talk about how cool you think it would be to hang with her while getting drunk and eating Mexican food because that is a fantasy that can never become a reality. DO YOU HEAR ME, DAVIES READER?

Besides, the proof is in the pudding — we didn’t do any of that friend-projection stuff and look at what a nice, creative, non-dry time we had.

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