Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Want Andy Cohen to Marry Them

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Dr. Jenny McCarthy and husband-to-be Donnie Wahlberg are forging ahead with their wedding plans, and they’ve already decided on a celebrity officiant: Earth’s foremost housewife-interrogator Andy Cohen.

They told him they want the man who introduced them, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, to be the one who marries them! Donnie explained, “He’s supposed to be the officiator.” Jenny admitted, “We haven’t asked him yet,” while Donnie added, “He’s got to get ordained.”
Jenny told Ben they haven’t yet picked a date. “We haven’t planned anything, we keep going ‘Do we want it this year or do we wait till next year?’… We’re so excited to marry each other that’s what is so funny, we can’t decide when… It’s like I want to drag it out, I want to look for the right dress, I want to experience the joy of planning a wedding and he’s like let’s do it, so we don’t know when yet.”

YOU GUUUUUUYS. You know he’s just going to get your Nana wasted on Riesling and then grill her about whether or not she’s vajazzling for summer. [Extra]

Sarah Jessica Parker opened up about the horrors of social media.

Last month, the Sex and the City actress got into a heated argument with a woman named Sarah Symonds, who questioned if Parker was actually the mother of her twins Marion and Tabitha.
…”There have been a few—let’s say half a dozen—times in my career when I have wanted to respond. I don’t want to encourage people picking on her, because that’s no better,” Parker continued. “But I wrote back, ‘What? Like, is this fun?'” (At the time, Symonds quickly deleted the tweet in question after Parker responded.)
…”I can’t figure out what she hated so much about me that she did that. And I just can’t imagine anything lower than that,” Parker added to The Edit. “I don’t think you can be like that without thinking about what you are saying. Other people can be mean, and that’s something I just have to make peace with.”

Yep. It sucks out there. [Us]

Edward James Olmos says Jennifer Lopez “hasn’t dedicated herself to her culture.”

“[Selena took her] to a stardom that she would not have been able to reach without that film,” Olmos told the program. “I told her: You have to understand that the future is in your hands and hopefully you will not only use it to get yourself ahead but to get what we represent ahead, being a Latina woman.”
“She’s done a lot of things but she hasn’t dedicated herself to her culture, and that’s very important to me,” he continued.
During the conversation with “Suelta La Sopa”, Olmos also mentioned the Cuban-American actor Andy García who has said he doesn’t consider himself a Latino actor.The Oscar-nominated star said that actors like Lopez and García are proud of their heritage but “don’t like the limitations of being Latino, they only want to be artists.”

You guys. Can you imagine if EDWARD JAMES OLMOS WAS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU!?!?!?!?!?!? [HuffPo]

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