Jersey Shore Cast Sick Of 'The Situation'

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  • A source claims that the cast of Jersey Shore is sick of dealing with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino:

“The others are all aggravated by him. They can’t bear his ego and that he’s earning so much from deals outside the show. They feared the new season would end up being ‘The Situation Show,’ so they are relieved they’ve all signed again. Expect fireworks, because he thinks he’s invincible. Some of the cast are secretly hoping they can force him to walk out like Angelina Pivarnick did on the first season.” [PageSix]

  • Seth MacFarlane has purchased a replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future and plans to add $20,000 worth of “custmomized equipment” to it. [TMZ]
  • After she’s released from jail, Lindsay Lohan will begin her 90-day stint in rehab somewhere in California, so that her team can keep an eye on her. [TMZ]
  • And Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, says “she has made some friends” in prison. [USWeekly]
  • And, lastly, Lindsay has a new tattoo, of a sleeping little girl, on her arm. [DailyMail]
  • Michael Douglas thinks that prison might be the best thing for his son, Cameron: “Cameron is in prison and he makes no bones about the fact that he knows what he’s done. He takes full responsibility for his actions. And you know, it might be that prison is the best place for him right now, to get his head together and sort out the next chapter in his life. He’s a great young man and I hope he does get it together. I’ll certainly support him all the way.” [DailyExpress]
  • Page Six claims that Jon Bon Jovi was none too pleased when he discovered that he’d been left off of Forbes’ “Power 100” and “Musicians Rich List”: “Jon kicked up a huge fuss and got his people to complain. He couldn’t understand why he didn’t make the musicians list since Bon Jovi has been touring nonstop since February. Their contemporaries U2 and Bruce Springsteen were on the list. Even Britney Spears was No. 5, and she hasn’t done anything this year.” [PageSix]
  • However! Bon Jovi’s rep has already claimed that no one in the band complained to Forbes: “That’s ridiculous. Last year, the band took an eight-month break from touring, so there was no expectation that they would rank on this year’s list.” [ContactMusic]
  • Helen Mirren doesn’t want to talk about her feelings: “I don’t really like romantic movies very much and I hate talking about feelings, so I’m definitely a man in disguise. I don’t even really like seeing people kiss in movies. This movie is about as romantic as I can handle.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • Michael Lohan, keepin’ it classy as always, has allegedly been trying to sell naked pictures of his ex-fiance, Kate Major, who says, “Michael is disgusting. I was never aware my then-fiancé took these pictures, as he took them when I was asleep and without my knowledge or per mission. My lawyer will be dealing with this.” [PageSix]
  • The location for The Hangover 2 is reportedly going to be Thailand. [TheLifeFiles]
  • Paris Hilton had a super mature way to deal with the fact that her ex-boyfriend showed up to the same club she was at: “She asked the deejay to announce, ‘Paris wants Doug Reinhardt to get out.’ He left 30 minutes later with his head down.” [PageSix]
  • Hugh Laurie is set to release a blues album, and he’s aware of your concerns: “I am drunk with excitement at this opportunity. I know the history of actors making music is a checkered one, but I promise no one will get hurt.” [NYDN]
  • Mark Ruffalo has signed a deal to play The Hulk in the upcoming Avengers film. [Deadline]
  • Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan will play opposite one another in the new video for Eminem and Rihanna’s “The Way You Lie.” [RadarOnline]
  • Oksana Grigorieva most likely won’t be putting out her finished cd anytime soon, considering that Mel Gibson executive produced it and needs to sign off. [TMZ]
  • Gibson’s violent outbursts were reportedly triggered by a tree-planting ceremony that took place at the couple’s home; Gibson was upset that Grigorieva had “smiled too much” at a gardener. [RadarOnline]
  • Here are some pics of a “new look” for Katy Perry’s. [TheLifeFiles]
  • And about her new song, “Teenage Dream,” Perry says, “‘I wrote that song in Santa Barbara and it was a very pure moment for me, because that’s where I’m from. And it was, like, where I started my creative juices. And also it kind of exudes this euphoric feeling because everybody remembers what their teenage dreams were – all the girls that were on your poster walls.” [DailyMail]
  • Teresa Guidice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey demanded $3,000 to appear at a fundraiser for Strengthen Our Sisters, a domestic violence organization. Athena Giorgiadis, who organized the event, claims that “Mike Esterman, who books her appearances, said . . . she would not show up unless she got paid. I explained this was for a shelter for women and children. He said it doesn’t matter…Danielle Staub, her daughters, and Lori Michaels came for free.” [PageSix]
  • Scarlett Johansson is set to star alongside Robert Downey, Jr. in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, which Cuaron claims will be “the most ambitious film, technology-wise, since Avatar.” [NYDN]
  • “I would rather have a prostate exam on live television by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page.”-George Clooney [DailyExpress]
  • Cameron Diaz didn’t seem to get much of a thrill out of kissing Tom Cruise in Knight And Day: “We’re serving the characters, it’s literally the same work as driving the car.” [DailyExpress]
  • Kim Kardashian has urged a fan not to go through with plastic surgery after said fan posted her intentions to get surgery to look like Kardashian on Twitter. “Pls don’t,” Kardashian tweeted back, “Ur husband should love u 4 who u are! Don’t try 2 b someone else. Im sure u are beautiful inside and out! Just as u are.” [PageSix]
  • Valerie Bertinelli says her second wedding will be pretty low-key: “For me, it feels silly. I’m 50. It’s not about the wedding. I just want to have a marriage.” [People]
  • The L.A. Department of Public Health is investigating mold as a possible factor in the deaths of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack. [DailyMail]
  • And for no particular reason, here’s a picture of Lady Gaga, surrounded by cowboys. [TheLifeFiles]
  • Amy Winehouse really wants to learn how to play golf. [TheSun]
  • Ashton Kutcher says that the best thing about Demi Moore is “her mind. She has a brilliant mind. Or maybe her heart because of the way she cares about people so much. Her worst part is probably her eye – for the way she looks at things. Sometimes she will look at things that are imperfect and want to make them perfect.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • There’s apparently a reality show being developed for celebrities who are coming out of the closet. [JanetCharlton’sHollywood]
  • Madonna is reportedly moving back to London. Says a source: “She seems nostalgic for her old life. She had built up a big circle of friends and fell in love with London. She’ll always love New York but she feels more at ease in London.” [ContactMusic]
  • “Kristen is always really good but also clearly speaks her mind. That can be a bit uncomfortable.After we shoot a scene she sometimes looks at the director and says, ‘Let’s do that again.’ If I did that she would probably kill me! She would probably say something like, ‘Shut up! The scene was perfect!'”-Robert Pattinson, on Kristen Stewart. [ShowbizSpy]
  • Glee will be doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode at some point. [Movieline]
  • Halle Berry flew to South Africa to begin filming Dark Tide, and was accompanied by her daughter, Nahla, and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, who will be taking care of the couple’s child while Berry works. [PopEater]
  • Jude Law and Sienna Miller are ready to get married, but can’t decide where, according to a source: “”They are very happy and want to get married. But they are still undecided about where to tie the knot. She loves the idea of an English country wedding, but Jude wants as much privacy as possible and thinks a small wedding abroad would be better.” [ContactMusic]
  • Leona Lewis has canceled tour plans after splitting with her boyfriend of 10 years. [ContactMusic]
  • Former teen idol Tiffany isn’t worried about Miley Cyrus at all: “I know that there are a lot of people that say well when you are so young you shouldn’t be sexy…I think that in today’s world you kind of have to be [sexy]— to be competitive in the market. I think that she is doing it appropriately. And it’s always a fine line there.” [USWeekly]
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