Jessica Travels, Kimora Cuts Back, Jen Wants A Beauty Deal

  • Jessica Simpson is launching a line of luggage. Because that’s the image of America we want to project when we travel abroad! [People]
  • Jennifer Aniston wants a beauty deal. Join the club, sister. [WWD]
  • When Kimora’s slashing fabulosity budgets, you know things are bad! On her subdued Baby Phat show, “Now’s not the time to be running all over and flaunting the money that we don’t have.” [WSJ]
  • Ex Russell Simmons would seem to agree: he’s launching a line at Wal-Mart. [Business Week]
  • Remember how last week Rachel Zoe said that designer Christopher Sauvé couldn’t sell those “Bananas/I Die” tees due to trademark infringement? He’s having none of it! He’s starting a “free the fruit” campaign to return bananas to the people. [New York]
  • Should you have a Michelle fetish and a few grand to spare, check out Jason Wu‘s truly lovely offerings on Net-a-Porter. [Fashionista]
  • Liz Claiborne exec: “Isaac Mizrahi is a nuclear weapon.” Is that…a good thing? For the flailing company’s sake, we hope so! [New York Times]
  • A big spread in O Magazine can’t hurt: “A spokeswoman for Liz Claiborne said the brand chose O because it reaches its demographic. In the issue, more than 50 pieces will be modeled by a mix of “real” women, models and celebrities, including Veronica Webb, Becki Newton of “Ugly Betty” and fashion icon Iris Barrel Apfel. The designer has included plus and petite sizes in his collection and has kept it budget conscious. To finish each look, Liz Claiborne is selling coordinated shoes, bags, jewelry and lingerie.”[WWD]
  • David Gandy is as modest as he is beautiful. Quoth the British model, “Why would anybody want to look at my body?…How can a man be pretty? Flowers and women are pretty. Men are not”. We respectfully disagree. [Fashionista]
  • Wal-Mart’s move to New York could screw some of their vendors. Good plan, though: we’re sure the cost of living is way cheaper here than in Bentonville, Arkansas! [Business Week]
  • We’re not sure how psyched we are about the Jay McCarroll Fashion Week documentary. On the one hand: his last doc was a bit sad, what with Heidi blowing him off and everything. On the other: it’s as much Runway as we’re getting! [Reuters]
  • Jenna Lyons, the creative director of J. Crew, obviously has great timing and a lot of skill. But…we’re confused by the deliberate hole in the knee of the jeans she’s pictured wearing. [Observer]
  • The new Zappos ads: “Underpants-clad customers are pictured either standing in a Zappos box or walking into one. Putting on their best Vanna Whites for the camera, they either reveal their purchases or lift the box over themselves — at which point they are suddenly transformed into fully-dressed Citizens of Society.” Hehe. Underpants. [AdRants]
  • Speaking of skivvies: OMG the Herry Hall Cherie-inspired Chanel ads are out and are they rad! (We’re assuming they’re ignoring the sequel in which Cherie commits suicide.) [New York]
  • Meanwhile, Chanel’s mastermind, Karl Lagerfeld, doesn’t dig the internet. Quoth the Kaiser, the web doesn’t project “the unique feel and sophistication of luxury materials, refined tailoring and extraordinary attention to detail found in luxury fashion.” But can luxury fashion show Christian Bale ranting?! [WSJ]
  • THE BARBIE COUTURE IS HERE. Okay, sketches, but still. [AP]
  • Anna Sui: “It’s survival of the fittest at this point.” We’ll back the iconic iconoclast in any Darwinian struggle! [NYT]
  • Says the head of struggling label Five Four, “I want to create our generation’s Polo. You can’t be a megabrand in the U.S. today if you’re selling a woven shirt for $200…I think the concept of luxury is passé.” [WSJ]
  • Rachel Roy‘s current motto? “Strength and courage.” []
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