Jez Recs: What to Read, Watch, or Fall Down a Rabbit Hole Over This Weekend

Including a Kardashian-spoofing TikTok account, a hot and hilarious new book, and killer singles from Miley and Samia.

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Screenshot: TikTok (@yurilamasbella) / MacMillan Publishers / YouTube

Not sure what pop culture-related small talk to strike up with your gym receptionist, fellow elevator rider, or budding office crush? Our incessant media consumption has got your back!

From the people who give you the very best (and worst) of daily feminist news, the Chronically Online™ Jezebel staff has even more content to bestow upon our beloved readers. Our new Friday installment, Jez Recs, will feature all of the things we’ve recently enjoyed and definitely recommend for your weekend—fabulous music and film, great articles and books (written by other people, of course), all the way to addicting TikTok accounts. Y’know, as a treat for surviving yet another grueling week.

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