Jezebel's Resident Mason Ramsey Stan Says the 'Old Town Road' Remix Is… Fun?


I don’t even know, but Mason was a great addition: Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and Mason Ramsey, “Old Town Road” – In June, I declared that “Old Town Road” will be the song of the summer. Now, the track has been the number one song in the country for 14 weeks straight, something only 10 songs have managed to do in the 61 years that Billboard has charted singles. Sure, the song feels increasingly played out, but it’s still fun! That said, this new remix feels rushed and weird. Young Thug’s addition starts off okay but feels increasingly clunky as the track continues. Plus, the song’s flow between Lil Nas X, Thugger, and Cyrus just isn’t very smooth. That said, I’m charmed by Mason Ramsey’s role in this remix, and I’m not just saying that as Jezebel’s resident Mason Ramsey stan. His lines are cute! “If you ain’t got no giddee up then giddee out my way!” Wow! Yes! And he hit that high note too! It almost makes me forget about the fact that one of his managers asserted that race had nothing to do with the rejection of Lil Nas X’s from country charts and radio. —Ashley Reese

Sure: Mark Ronson ft. Camila Cabello, “Find U Again” (music video) – Motels out west! Attempted murder! Cowboy hats! Romance! Sexy gowns and wet wigs! The video for Mark Ronson and Camila Cabello’s collab, “Find U Again” is almost as fun as the song (save for the copycat Ariana Grande breathy vocal runs.) It’s superior to her saucy new tune, “Señorita,” with maybe-beaux Shawn Mendes, and potentially even sexier? Even if you can’t sit through the four-minute spaghetti western that is the vid, I recommend giving it a listen, even just once. —Maria Sherman

100%, yes: Pharmakon, “Self-Regulating System” – Pharmakon is the project of New York noise musician Margaret Chardiet. “Self-Regulating System” is the first track from her forthcoming, fourth full-length LP, which Stereogum’s Tom Breihan writes is “built around the idea of self-cannibalism, a potent metaphor for grief and self-destruction.” The song’s clank, clamor, and continuous metallic chain-tugging vibrates around that idea: these are nightmarish sounds most effectively enjoyed in moments of isolating self-reflection, obscured by compulsory hiss. If your mind wanders to dark places, the song will guide your descension. —MS

Yes: Dry Cleaning, “Magic of Meghan,” – With Cleveland’s Pleasure Leftists and Philadelphia’s no nonsense Control Top, I’m grateful for the women who’ve recently laid claim to the void… the post-punk void. “Magic of Meghan,” ironic or otherwise (I’ll let you decide) is a celebration of Meghan Markle, with monotone, bass-heavy lines like, “You’re just what England needs, you’re going to change us” and “Never has one outfit been designed, to send so many messages.” There is a special place in my heart for counterculture musical styles fascinated with popular culture, so this really does it for me. I hope it does for you, too. —MS

Yes: Pleasure Leftists, “Try the Door” – See what I mean? How is this not on, like, 4AD Records in 1980-something. If this is the final frontier of retromania, I am on board.—MS

Mami, no: Ed Sheeran, “South of the Border” feat. Camila Cabello, Cardi B – Ed Sheeran, about five years too late, decides he wants to dip his toes into the Latin pop trend, and comes out with something that sounds exactly like “Shape of You,” except this song has Camila Cabello singing in Spanish. Sheeran sounds awkward as he attempts the phrase “Te amo mami/ Te amo mami,” which is about what you’d expect. Nice try, Ed—stick to making songs that sound like discount-store Sia and we’ll be good, mate. —Frida Garza

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