Jian Ghomeshi Drops That $55 Million Lawsuit Against the CBC

… And he’ll be paying their $18,000 legal fees, to boot.

According to the Toronto Star, disgraced former Q host Ghomeshi agreed to drop the comically large suit on Friday under an undisclosed settlement. What we do know is that it’s probably not very great from Ghomeshi’s perspective; part of the settlement involves him paying the legal bills that the CBC incurred fighting the lawsuit. And unfortunately for the news-consuming public, the settlement will not pay for the brain bleach necessary to exorcise the image of Ghomeshi turning the head of his teddy bear (“Big Ears Teddy“) away before abusing women. No amount of money can buy that.

To recap: Ghomeshi has been accused of sexually abusing 14 women. He was fired in October, after showing his employers “graphic” videos of himself hitting women in a last-ditch attempt to prove that it’s possible to bruise partners in the context of consensual sexual activity, and that all of the accusations were merely “jilted” former girlfriends working in conspiracy to ruin his reputation. The CBC was like, nah. Ghomeshi responded to his ouster by filing a $55 million lawsuit against them. Three women eventually went to the police to discuss what Ghomeshi allegedly did to them. And here we are.

We can only speculate what led to the settlement, or what Ghomeshi will be up to next. For now, let’s rule out Bill Cosby’s biographer.

Image via AP.

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