Jimmy Fallon Finally Explained What the Hell Happened to His Finger


After a two week break from television and lots of speculation, Jimmy Fallon returned to late night programming last night and explained exactly what happened to his hand. Let this be a word of warning: Never, ever buy a braided rug.

Fallon is right when he tells you not to google “ring avulsion,” which is what the doctors told him was happening when he came into the ER with what he suspected was a broken finger. What’s ring avulsion, you ask? Well, it’s a particularly terrifying occurrence in which your ring gets stuck on something and separates your finger—tendons severing—within the skin.

Above, you can watch Fallon’s somewhat graphic, completely fascinating description of his injury and subsequent recovery—which included a stay in the ICU, microsurgery performed by a doctor wearing a bow tie and cowboy boots, and the possibility of Fallon completely losing his finger. Fortunately, a six-hour procedure and a vein transplanted from his foot to his hand saved Fallon’s finger and he’s back to doing business as usual, also probably just a little bit more wary of braided rugs, which, in general, is smart.

It’s a good story, but maybe Fallon should’ve gone “I punched Seth Meyers” and just left it at that, because then fewer of us would start our mornings off by googling ring avulsion. You didn’t do it, right? It’s really, really gross.

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