JLaw Is Pretty Chill For a Naked Person With Snake On Her Butt 


For Vanity Fair‘s March 2015 Hollywood Issue, Patrick Demarchelier decided to test the limits of J-Law’s chill reputation by placing a giant Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor on her butt crack. U FEELING CHILL NOW, JEN?

The answer, of course, is yes:

The actress proved to be very brave and nonchalant about having a serpent wrapped around her body—an homage to the 1981 Richard Avedon Vogue portrait of Nastassja Kinski that launched a million dorm-room posters—and coolly focused her eyes on the camera. “Jennifer has the perfect combination of strength, sexuality, and humor, and, above all, tomboy to pull this off,” says V.F. fashion and style director Jessica Diehl, who styled the shoot.

Jennifer Lawrence silently vows never to refer to herself as a tomboy again. Things did, apparently, end rather abruptly:

Lawrence only became uncomfortable when the snake took a fancy to her neck. Then the shoot was over and Mr. Boa went back into his box.

That is incredibly vague, Vanity Fair. Subtext: She almost died, but hey—let’s not dwell on it!

Image via Patrick Demarchelier/Vanity Fair

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