Johnny Depp Allegedly Assaulted Amber Heard for Laughing at His 'Wino Forever' Tattoo

Johnny Depp Allegedly Assaulted Amber Heard for Laughing at His 'Wino Forever' Tattoo
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard entered London’s High Court on Wednesday for day two of Depp’s libel trial against News Group Newspapers, publisher of U.K. tabloid The Sun, who he sued for labeling him a “wife beater,” referencing allegations made by Heard about their relationship. Sasha Wass QC, a barrister for News Group Newspapers, questioned Depp about the first of 14 alleged instances of assault on day two of the trial, all of which Depp has denied, CNN reports.

Wass began by arguing that the first time Depp hit Heard was back in 2013, after he had “fallen off the wagon” and was abusing drugs and alcohol, according to The Guardian. Depp allegedly struck Heard after she laughed at his “Wino Forever” tattoo, which had been changed from “Winona Forever” following the end of Depp’s relationship with actor Winona Ryder in the ‘90s. “You were in fact acting like a wino and an alcoholic and felt very sensitive,” Wass said in court. “You then slapped Ms. Heard across the face and that was the first time it happened.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, he responded, “I don’t recall any argument about any of my tattoos,” and denied any lapse in memory due to a lack of sobriety.

The Guardian reports that Wass then progressed to the second allegation: That Depp hit Heard after becoming jealous that she kept a painting by Tasya van Ree, Heard’s former partner, in her home. Wass claimed that he tried to light the artwork on fire, and then struck Heard with his hand while wearing large rings. “I did not hit Ms. Heard,” Depp responded. “And furthermore I have never hit Ms. Heard,” he told the court. He also denied holding Heard’s dog out of a car window.

Additionally, the court was read texts sent from Depp to actor Paul Bettany in 2013, in which he wrote, “Let’s burn Amber… Let’s drown her before we burn her!!! I will fuck her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she is dead.” Depp said they were inappropriate jokes sent because he was mad at Heard for acting like the “moral police,” and was “resentful of the fact Ms. Heard was very aggressive and quite insulting about my use of alcohol.” Those comments are inconsistent with comments he made in his written statement, in which he claimed Heard encouraged him to continue abusing drugs and alcohol.

The trial is scheduled to last three weeks. Jezebel will continue to follow the case as it develops.

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