Justin Bieber Hugs Tiny Baby Ariana Grande Right In Front of Big Sean :(

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UH-OH. Justin Bieber wrapped his arms around Ariana Grande while the pair were singing a duet together at a concert and now babysitter Big Sean is MAD.

During her show at the Forum in L.A. last night, Grande invited Justin Bieber up to perform the duet “Love Me Harder,” as well as Bieber’s own “As Long As You Love Me.” What a delight for their fans!

But then…this happened.

After seeing photos of their onstage embrace, Big Sean—Grande’s boyfriend—tweeted (then deleted), “This Kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that.”

Heaven forbid two professional entertainers fake a comfortable intimacy while performing a love song together. In other words, chill the fuck out, Big Sean. Two babies are allowed to hug and you are being a dickhead.

[Mirror UK]

Speaking of dickheads: Jon Hamm! A newly unearthed report from the Mad Men actor’s frat days at the University of Texas – Austin reveals that he was issued an arrest warrant for assault after taking part in the physical abuse of a Sigma Nu pledge in 1990.

The pledge’s mother filed the report after Hamm and seven others struck her son 30 times with a wooden paddle, hoisted him by his underwear and “pulled [him] back and forth in a sawing motion,” started his pants on fire and “hooked the claw of a hammer underneath [the pledge’s] genitals and led him by the hammer around the room.”

Three of Hamm’s fraternity brothers were sentenced to 30 days in jail for hazing. Hamm, who was “charged with misdemeanor hazing and assault charges,” had his case dismissed after reaching a plea bargain in 1995.

“The hazing incident was an isolated incident in Jon’s life,” a friend tells Star. “Since then, he’s been strong enough to take steps to make himself a better person.” [Radar]

Oh, look! PETA is still gross! Here’s Miley Cyrus’ sister, Noah Cyrus, helping the organization protest classroom dissection. Because nothing makes a point like a dead little girl. [E! Online]

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Photos via Twitter, Getty.

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