Karlie Kloss Is Very Passionate About Different Issues, Like Voting Democrat and Hating Her In-Laws

Karlie Kloss Is Very Passionate About Different Issues, Like Voting Democrat and Hating Her In-Laws
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In the words of Karlie Kloss, “I’m not the only person in this country who does not necessarily agree with their family on politics.” Except, unlike every other person in this country, she is probably one of the few whose in-laws are spray-tanned supervillains hurtling the world towards death and destruction. But I’m sure that makes for awkward dinner conversation, just like the rest of us!

On Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, the Project Runway host was asked point blank by host Andy Cohen about her political views after a contestant mocked Kloss for “having dinner with the Kushners.” At the time, Kloss told designer Tyler Neasloney to “keep it to the challenge” while smiling through gritted teeth. The same energy was present when Cohen once again asked about her marriage to Josh Kushner, but at least fellow guest Martha Stewart thought she gave a “good answer.”

As Kloss explains in the clip, the “real tragedy of this whole thing is that no one is talking about how terrible that dress was.” But, she did vote Democrat in 2016, and will vote Democrat again in 2020. Whatever!

There’s probably more I could riff on here, like the cruel irony of falling in love with some boring rich man, and winding up with an in-law who bookended your family holiday with the assassination of another country’s leader and an impeachment trial. Or, if she ever gets annoyed with sitting near Ivanka Trump and her bony elbows while her sister-in-law drones on about all those women she’s empowered. But it’s Friday, and I can’t muster the energy. Mostly, I wonder who Kloss plans on voting for! Cohen didn’t push the issue, although he should have, so I’m left to speculate. Warren? Buttigieg? I can’t imagine Sanders, although that would truly shake me and the Kushners to the core! [People]

Whoopi Goldberg wants you to know that there is no secret. She might have had a secret meeting with ABC executives after Abby Huntsman’s recent View “exit,” but she and her agents and ABC promise that nothing secret is happening!

Page Six reports that “immediately after” her co-star announced she was leaving the tumultuous talk show for Meghan McCain-less pastures, Whoopi met up with the president of ABC News and the senior vice president of Talent. Sources told the outlet that “[Whoopi] was unhappy that the media ‘won’t let a bitch eat in peace.’” Meanwhile, an ABC spokespeople claimed: “Nothing to see here. They had a nice meal. Someone is trying to create drama where there is none.” Definitely not suspicious then!

As Page Six previously reported, tensions have been sky-high on set as Meghan McCain death spirals into her father’s casket, which she would probably bring on stage if she could. Because of the atmosphere she has created, production is apparently “fearful of leaks,” including those that might extrapolate on the details of Huntsman’s exit. [Page Six]

Lindsay Lohan is allegedly releasing new music soon. Here is the only good Lindsay Lohan song, still:

  • Betty White is “still partying” at 98. Good for her! [Radar]
  • Lisa Vanderpump will “not condone any of the heinous comments” by new Pump Rules castmates Max and Brett, but she won’t be firing them! [People]
  • Do y’all smell something? [Hollywood Life]
  • Justin Timberlake desperately proves his love for wife Jessica Biel with flirty Instagram comment. [Us Weekly]
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