Karl's Back on His Bullshit at Chanel Couture


Karl’s latest haute couture collection—shown today in Paris to the likes of Ibeyi, Sofia Coppola, Isabelle Huppert, and Marion Cotillard—is eye candy for gleeful widows, full of fluffy tulle skirts beneath signature tweed jackets and spritely mourning veils capped with a melange of florals. Some looks were reminiscent of a royal court, like the princely dandies at the Palace of Versailles, Lagerfeld’s wee muse Hudson Kroenig as their faithful attendant in a poet’s shirt. In other words, Karl’s back on his French shit, celebrating a romantic, classical interpretation of France, in France, with French signifiers (a fountain! a garden!) all around.

Kaia Gerber and Soo Joo Park walked. Festive frippery was Karl’s wave, and damn, how they fripped; the color palette was primarily blush and Pepto, underscored by detailed layering of chiffon and ostrich feathers that mimicked bustles.

He also brought out some silvery shifts and more vibrant hues, and seemed to reference his two favorite time periods—the 15th Century, and the 1930s—by blending their silhouettes into one. This is how Karl does it, his vision of the modern woman informed by the hyper-feminine, candy colored past. Vogue said all this happy shit is because he likes Macrón. Okay!

Someone’s gonna wear one of these jawns to the Oscars, for sure.

Here are some famous people who were in attendance! How did Yara get there so fast!

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