Katherine Heigl Sorry That Shonda Rhimes Has Crappy Impression of Her


During an interview with Extra, Katherine Heigl discussed the bad blood that continues to exist between her and her former boss Shonda Rhimes. “I’m sorry [Rhimes] is left with such a crappy impression of me,” she told Mario Lopez. Wait a minute! Is Katherine petitioning to reenter Shondaland?!

The grudge between the pair goes back to when Heigl was starring on Grey’s Anatomy and publicly withdrew her name from Emmy consideration because she didn’t like the material that was being written for her. In a recent interview, Rhimes recalled the incident, saying that since that time, she’s enacted a “no assholes” policy on set and “there are no Heigls” on any of her current shows.

“The last one with Shonda… it sucks.” Heigl told Extra. “I am sorry that she feels that way, and I wish her nothing but greatness, and I have nothing negative to say about Shonda…I’m a big fan of her work. I watch Scandal every week.”

As for her reputation of being hard to work with, Heigl says “Yeah, that took some stomaching and having to just go, ‘Okay there’s nothing I can do about this except to sort of prove it wrong,’ you know, and the only way for me to prove it wrong is for people to have a work experience with me that doesn’t speak to that at all.”

Sounds sincere enough. I still won’t watch State of Affairs, though.

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