Katy Perry Is Very Interested in Becoming an American Idol Judge

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I truly do not understand why this should be the case, but, according to TMZ’s sources, Katy Perry, one of the most successful pop stars on the planet, desires to be a judge on the zombie American Idol series that ABC insists upon going through with.

Sources tell TMZ that Perry is, “very interested, and is open to scheduling potential tour dates around the show’s taping schedule.” ABC, in turn, is thrilled by Perry’s interest—money is their only concern.

Guys, let’s not do anything rash, none of this has to happen, I mean, I loved American Idol, when I was twelve. Let’s just hold onto the good memories while we still can.


Taylor Swift’s been laying low since she was feeling “overexposed” (or maybe just exposed) after the events of last summer. But the singer still makes occasional contact with the world via flowers and handwritten notes to strangers on the day of their graduation. Congrats, Ashley!


DO NOT take North West’s picture. Don’t provoke tiny children you don’t even know to exasperation just because they are Kardashian-born.

[Twitter / Hello Giggles]

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