Katy Perry Mourns The Death Of Troubled Ex-Boyfriend Johnny Lewis

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The tale of Johnny Lewis, the Sons of Anarchy actor who fell to his death in Los Feliz after murdering his elderly landlord, just keeps getting sadder and crazier. His father Michael was in one of the highest ranks of Scientology, and it’s come out that the younger Lewis was trying to kick a serious drug addiction with a potentially-dangerous Scientology program called Narconon. When that failed, he was in rehab earlier this year, and onlookers say he was clearly on drugs at the time of the murder.

One of the darker elements of the story are his friends’ total lack of surprise about the bizarre circumstances: Sons showrunner Kurt Sutter Tweeted: “It was a tragic end for an extremely talented guy, who unfortunately had lost his way. I wish I could say that I was shocked by the events last night, but I was not.” And Katy Perry, who dated Lewis from 2005-2006 and used him as partial inspiration for “The One That Got Away,” knew then that Lewis was on a bad path and felt she had to separate from him for her own good: “He was in trouble then,” says a source, “and she couldn’t help him.” Sources say she’s devastated about his death. [TMZ, Us Weekly]

Lewis also beat and dismembered the landlady’s cat to death with his bare hands. [TMZ]

A child slid out of Reese Witherspoon’s Wonder Orchid and she named him Tennessee James. This is her third child, but first by husband Jim Toth. She has a 13-year-old Ava and 8-year-old Deacon from her marriage to tortured Upper East Side bad boy Sebastian Valmont. [People]

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara told Stylecaster that she likely has some nipping and tucking in her future, as she’s not opposed to plastic surgery on principle:

Yeah, I would definitely do something. Not something crazy but little things here or there. Hopefully, when the time comes and I’m considering it, there will be even better treatments out there.


Yet another element of the Great Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson Reconciliation Of Early Autumn 2012 is the fact that he didn’t believe she didn’t fuck Rupert Sanders until like five minutes ago, when she gave him all of her email, voicemail and other passwords in order to prove that all they did was have “several makeout sessions.” So WOOT? Or no, I don’t care about this anymore. [The Hollywood Gossip]

The mystery man that the most recent Bachelorette Emily Maynard has been allegedly flirt-texting over the head of her season’s winner (and now her fiancee) Jef Holm with has been revealed as Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart, and Holm’s ex-girlfriend and brother back the story. They say that Maynard is paying Holm to keep up the ruse that they’re engaged for real, and not just for publicity.


Downton Abbey is getting a SPINOFF, Y’ALLS. [Express]

  • Madonna has asked Lady Gaga to perform with her. [NDTV]
  • Nicole Richie is designing a bag for Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle newsletter GOOP. [People]
  • Here’s Leann Rimes at the opening of Batman Live in L.A. with Eddie Cibrian and kids after getting out of her 30-day treatment center. [Daily Mail]
  • One Direction bonbon Harry Styles bought an expensive “party house.” [Daily Mail]
  • And Harry Styles got a weird tattoo, AND he has no armpit hair because he’s a child, lest we forget. [Ocean Up]
  • Amanda Bynes is pleading not guilty to both hit-and-runs. Hahaha. [NYND]
  • Janet Jackson is gonna drop $20 million on her wedding in Qatar. [Monsters and Critics]
  • Emma Watson and Logan Lerman formed a band called Octopus Jam on the set of Perks Of Being A Wallflower. [Vogue UK]
  • Suri Cruise is learning Mandarin at the World School. [Radar Online]
  • John Travolta is off the hook re: a lawsuit filed by a dude who was going to write an exposĂ© of alleged bathhouse rub-and-tugs. [Express]
  • Daniel Radcliffe might star in a new Frankenstein movie. [NME]
  • Floyd Mayweather and Ray-J rolled up to a strip club with $50,000 in a Louis Vuitton tote and made it rain so hard that we felt the precipitation in New York. [TMZ]
  • 90210’s Annalynne McCord opened up about being sexually assaulted at a benefit to stop human trafficking. [Us Weekly]
  • Here’s Heidi Klum dining out with her bodyguard-slash-maybe boyfriend. [People]
  • Katie Couric sans makeup. [NYDN]
  • After being called a “slut” by a Staten Island politician and being defended by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Lady Gaga thanks Stringer: “”thanku for your support of my activism as a new yorker. You show political integrity + a modern vernacular.” [NY Post]
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