Keke Palmer Asks God to Bless Dick Cheney, Whom She Still Doesn't Know

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Keke Palmer Asks God to Bless Dick Cheney, Whom She Still Doesn't Know

Someday, the oceans will turn to dust and every trace of greenery and foliage will be a distant myth. Nobody will remember the United States of America, and the empires of Earth will have faded into the annals of time. Every great accomplishment of this age will be forgotten. Yet somewhere out in space, a distant descendant of those who fled this planet on colony ships a thousand years prior will whisper to themselves: “Sorry to this man.” Anyways, Keke Palmer followed up on her now -iconic utterance at the Brooklyn Expo Center for SHE Media’s #Blogher19 Creators Summit, admitting that she truly did not know who Dick Cheney was.

“It was so crazy, my mom was like, ‘You didn’t know who Dick Cheney is?’” Palmer shared during a panel at the Brooklyn Expo Center. “I said, ‘We don’t even talk about Dick Cheney!’ and then she tried to tell me what he was about, and I said, ‘I see why we don’t talk about him!’”

If you’re reading this, Keke Palmer’s mother, I suggest you spend a smidge more time explaining Cheney to your daughter before she goes around asking God to bless him. We want that man in hell! [Page Six]

I love when famous people, who are massively famous, meet other famous people and think: “Wow, a famous person!” Like Liam Payne for instance, who was “writing songs quite a lot and producing different things” when he was introduced to Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a. JLo, a.k.a Jenny From the Block, a.k.a. Mother Ramona from Hustlers:

I had a roster of about 40 songs that just sat there. And someone introduced me to someone that knew J-Lo. It was the most gorgeous house I’ve ever seen. She met us at the door and then we just sat in this little studio she had in the back and I played her a bunch of different songs. She started dancing and I just sat in the chair like, ‘What the hell is wrong with my life?’ When I was leaving, she was like, ‘Oh take my number.’

And of course, being a horny 20-something, he saved her number as “Jenny From the Block.” But, as HollywoodLife reports—don’t worry about the two running off together! Liam, 26, is currently raising his two-year son Bear, who he had with his teenage mentor Cheryl, with his 19 year girlfriend Maya Henry. They’re “happy at the moment.” But even if they weren’t, Liam lost JLo’s number after shattering his phone. Sad! [Hollywood Life]

Here’s Kris Jenner and Yolanda Hadid as Alexis and Krystal Carrington.[Harper’s Bazaar]

Photo:Morelli Brothers (Harpers Bazaar)

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