Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons Had Dinner at a New Jersey Mall


The other weekend, my fianceé and I drove from Center City Philadelphia to New Jersey. We had some errands to run, and we figured we’d grab dinner out there afterward. Our main stop was the Cherry Hill Mall.

This is pretty much the same weekend that world-famous model Kendall Jenner and NBA All-Star Ben Simmons had this past weekend. Other than their heights—Simmons has about nine inches on me, and Jenner has about seven inches on my fianceé—it’s like we’re the same people! Also, I can make three pointers.

The last time we checked in with Bendall, the duo was spotted at Philly’s Christmas Village, several local restaurants and a Drexel basketball game. Last week, a gossip rag reported that Simmons had broken up with Jenner. Nope! They were all over South Jersey this weekend.

Per Philadelphia gentleman paparazzo HughE Dillon, Bendall hit several hot spots in South Jersey. First, they pair were spotted at the Best Buy—not just any Best Buy, but the Wegman’s shopping center at the location of the old racetrack. They were, per Dillon, shopping for vacuum cleaners. While it’s temping to think that Simmons was dragged vacuum cleaner shopping, he’s the one who lives here. That’s right: The world’s highest-paid model was forced by her boyfriend to go buy a vacuum cleaner at Best Buy. This really is true love.

The pair eventually went to Top Golf in Mount Laurel to celebrate the birthday of Sean Tribe, Simmons’ older brother. But before that, they went to the Cherry Hill Mall. You may be wondering why didn’t they just go to King of Prussia, the mall that’s so big it’s larger than the Mall of America? Eh. Cherry Hill Mall has gotten much nicer after a renovation that began a little over a decade ago, and it’s much closer to Center City (where Simmons lives) than KOP. Smart decision. I like them more already.

At the mall Jenner and Simmons dined at the Grand Lux Cafe, sort of a fancier Cheesecake Factory. Presumably they also hit up the Payless for some 30-percent-off Airwalks, but maybe I’m just wishing here.

So where will Bendall end up next? I have some recommendations. When we were in Jersey the other weekend, we went to The Pub, a giant old-style restaurant with Tudor decor at the intersection of 30, 130 and 38 in South Jersey. It’s absurd and perfect. And they simply must head up I-95 to my favorite one: Philadelphia (née Franklin) Mills, an outlet mall in the Northeast. Jenner may be set for life, but Simmons is still on his rookie contract.

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