Kickass Ratings Show Amy Schumer Brings All the Boys to the Yard


On Tuesday, the second season of Inside Amy Schumer debuted on Comedy Central. Sketches tackled such fourth-wave feminist pet topics as the way male audiences objectify female comedians, avoidance of STD’s, and the sexualization of female athletes. And it attracted a bigger audience of males from 18-34 than any other show that aired that night. On any channel.

According to The AV Club, IAS’s Nielsen numbers in the male 18-34 demographic eclipsed even the ratings raked in by Tosh.0 (the highest rated show on Comedy Central. Seriously!) But oddly enough, despite the fact that Jezebel staffers who watch the show unanimously agree that Amy Schumer is pretty much the comedy equivalent of smelling Jennifer Lawrence’s hair, the show didn’t do as well with young women. That might be because its lead-in is Tosh, or maybe it’s because women simply hate jokes (Kidding, obviously. Maybe! These were jokes.)

If the folks behind Schumer’s show can keep the ratings as high as the fake all-male focus group in the show’s opening sketch demands Amy keep her breasts, who knows what sort of other crazy lady-friendly stunts the folks at Comedy Central might pull. Giving even more talented female comedians screen time, since young men don’t dislike laughing at jokes written by women as much as old network execs might think? Now that would deserve a full on chest bump.

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