Kid Who Interrupted Obama Just Wanted to Get Outta There Before Lunch


A sixth grader got the chance to interview America’s president, Barack Obama. But when Barack Obama began to ramble redundantly for another several minutes about reading and writing and the importance of perseverance, this sixth grader told him, okay, enough already.

According to Delmarva Now, 12-year-old student Osman Yahya was chosen to question Obama as part of a series of “Virtual Field Trips” sponsored by Discovery Education. (The idea being that it was a chance for Obama to promote the White House’s library access initiative.) As you can see from the video above (h/t Time), Yahya was no softball interviewer. Not that he meant to get aggressive or anything. “I didn’t mean to cut him off. I was just nudging him to get on,” he explained to Politico. He added:

“Adults might have been diplomatic,” he said, but he was trying to keep the interview moving so that it could wrap up before students’ lunchtime.

It was nothing personal. “He’s a really nice guy,” he said, but it was Yahya’s job to keep things moving and “Most students were hungry.”

Never, ever fuck with a sixth grader’s lunchtime.

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