Known Thug George Zimmerman Involved In Another Shooting


George Zimmerman—possibly the slipperiest, dumbest motherfucker on the planet—was involved in yet another shooting in Florida. There are probably men and women with Purple Hearts who didn’t seen as much gunfire as this man.

Details are currently thin, but WESH 2 news in Orlando reports that two men were involved in the shooting and Zimmerman “suffered a minor gunshot wound.” Another local report says that the shooting was a result of a road rage incident and that Zimmerman was shot in the face — though, again, the injury is minor. It’s like karma is just dangling a beautiful, golden prize right in our faces only to reveal that it’s made of wood and yes, everything is bullshit.

The shooting follows a series of violent incidents involving the worst decision-maker on the planet over the past few years. Zimmerman was arrested earlier this year for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and managed to cheat justice again when the charges were dismissed. He was also arrested in 2013 for threatening his then-wife with a gun.

This continues Zimmerman’s streak of being involved in 100% more violent crimes than Trayvon Martin was at the time of his death. But hey, remember that George was just trying to protect the streets of Sanford, Florida from a 17 year-old thug armed with skittles and iced tea.

As always, fuck George Zimmerman.

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