Kris Jenner's 1985 Music Video Really Is Something


Oh my god, where to begin: Kris Jenner wrote a lovesong dedicated to her friends when she turned thirty. I don’t wan’t to seem like I’m overselling this, but it’s probably the best Kardashian-related thing I’ve seen on the internet ever. But why?

It could be the complete lack of any sense of irony on Kris Jenner’s face throughout the whole ordeal. Or maybe it’s how Kris listed her name as “Kristen Kardashian” in the credits. Or the very fact that she wrote the song herself. Did she call up all of her friends to ask them if they’d participate in a music video about how she loves her friends so much? (Side note: do you think there were some people that rolled their eyes when they got that phone call? “That is so Kris. First she doesn’t call me for a year, and now I’m supposed to pretend I’m not mad in a music video?”)

Do I love it because it just makes so much sense as to who Kris Jenner is today and the career path she’s chosen daughters? Or perhaps it’s how the video culminates with a shot of her best (er, most famous) friend sending sending his love to Kris, and how that bff just happens to be none other than O.J. Simpson?

You know, I guess it’s all of these things combined. Happy Friday.

[Via YouTube]

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