Kris Jenner's Fashion Week Thirst Scared Jared Leto

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Jared Leto‘s learning one unfortunate side effect of resembling a Kardashian: Kris Jenner has begun to see him as her own. Following multiple encounters at Paris Fashion Week, the actor is allegedly terrified that Kris is going to foist one of her daughters on him or, more likely, try to date him herself. (Sometimes the madame needs a lil taste, too, you know.)

According to Star, Kris first met Jared in the front row of the Lanvin show where, according to a source, “was talking Jared’s ear off and kept pulling him in to take selfies with her.”

Later, they reencountered at dinner for Balmain:

“She almost trapped Jared into talking for hours, half joking that she’d die to have him as a son-in-law or, better yet, her boyfriend. It freaked him out, and once again, he left the party early because he couldn’t stand talking to her. He thinks she’s nuts!”

I 100% support this celebrity pairing.

[Bossip/Hollywood Life]

Shailene Woodley is back talking about feminism again. “The reason why I don’t like to say that I am a feminist or I am not a feminist is because to me it’s still a label,” she told Nylon. “I do not want to be defined by one thing. Why do we have to have that label to divide us? We should all be able to embrace one another regardless of our belief system and regardless of the labels that we have put upon ourselves.”

There you have it. The fairy from Fern Gully is not a feminist and my life, unshattered, continues exactly as it did before I read this news. [Nylon]

Pray4Suri: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, once such a genuine couple that we all thought was very real and not a creation the Church of Scientology, reportedly flat out hate each other now. While Katie thinks Tom’s hostility towards her stems from her rejection of the church, TMZ reports “he feels betrayed because he claims Katie never gave him any warning she was leaving him. For Katie’s part, we’re told she felt Tom sucked the life out of her.”

Never forget the era of TomKat, that brief sliver of time when we all could believe in true, beautiful, non-Scientology invented love. [TMZ]

  • Dakota Johnson says that those who compare Fifty Shades of Grey to domestic violence are presenting an “uneducated opinion.” [ONTD]
  • “The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake–and only kiss him,” says Madonna. Does Madonna know what “lifelong” means? [Page Six]
  • For the time being, she’ll have to settle for this unfortunate smooch from Other Canadian, Justin Bieber. [Dlisted]
  • Beyoncé is “very set on making sure [daughter] Blue doesn’t grow up to be a brat despite her great privileges.” [OK!]
  • Hope you love overwrought pregnancy-related poetry because Amanda Palmer is expecting a baby. [Billboard]
  • Sarcasm aside, I bet her husband Neil Gaiman is a pretty fun dad?
  • Paula Patton is finally free from human pleather equivalent, Robin Thicke. [Bossip]
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  • Scott Disick‘s rehab therapy includes doing psychedelics in the jungle. [TMZ]
  • This headline is an overstatement. [THG]
  • Mike from Can’t Hardly Wait got engaged. [POPSUGAR]
  • Surprise! Charlie Sheen‘s a fucking mess! [E! Online]

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