Lacefront Wigs Can Literally Peel Off Your Scalp And Make You Sick


Remember Moesha’s best friend Kim? Well, Countess Vaughn, the actress who played Brandy’s buddy on the late 1990’s sitcom, was a big fan of lacefront wigs — just like many celebrities — but with disastrous results.

Vaughn says the glue her hair stylist used to apply the lacefront wig to her skin eventually gave her a scalp infection. Unwilling to admit that a wig was hurting her, she let the infection, which graduated to oozing, puss-filled bumps, fester for six months. A dermatologist didn’t warn Vaughn of the “long-term effects” specifically, that Vaughn’s skin would discolor to the point where strangers ask her if she has vitiligo. She’s also lost her natural hair. Now, instead of a glossy locks, the actress is literally drawing her hair line onto her scalp with an eyeliner pencil.

“I was embarrassed, you have to be at home, and be bald,” she said tearfully on The Doctors television show recently. “I had to go through this to teach my little one that you have to love yourself before anyone else will.”

Vaughn said each time she removed her wig, she was “taking off a layer of skin” and that’s what led to her infection. Her story is terrifying. Be careful out there, folks.

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