Ladies Fall Prey To The Aniston Effect


• According to the Daily Mail, there is a such thing as the Jennifer Aniston Effect. No, this has nothing to do with weeping silently into your pillow over your lack of babies or Brad — it’s about your hair.

Some very intrepid hairdressers figured out that, since the average women cuts or colors her hair at least twice a year, they can go through over a hundred changes in their lifetime. The same survey also discovered that the most common reason women cut their hair is boredom, with the second most popular motivator being a breakup. • Frequent fliers are none too happy with the new full-body imaging scanners that are currently being used to screen passengers before international flights. Complaints against the technology generally center around the length of the scan and the invasion of privacy. “The system takes three to five times as long as walking through a metal detector,” said one flier. “This looks to be yet another disaster waiting to happen.” • Slate points out something we all know by now: Autocorrect is the worst. To anyone who has ever typed “Sara” only to send a message about “Papa,” this rings utterly true. But maybe we should think a little harder before criticizing autocorrect, Farhad Manjoo says, because that job ain’t easy. • “The thing I like about Michelle [Obama]’s mother, she’s a lot like all of our mothers. She’s very no-nonsense, common sense, has a gritty sensibility about her. Basically, she’s like, ‘Look. These girls want to have some cheeseburgers, let them have a cheeseburger. Don’t get on them every five seconds for eating unhealthy.’ She’s like a typical grandma, she spoils her grandkids… I find her particularly endearing,” said Laura Ingraham about her favorite character in her new book, The Obama Diaries. She also calls (her version of) Michelle Obama “image-obsessed.” • Missing your daily dose of shameless objectification? Check out the Daily Beast‘s gallery of reporter hunks. These dudes – who Rebecca Dana dubs the “GQ Brigade” – are covering the crisis in the Gulf in their tightest, most ab-enhancing t-shirts. Yes, please. • Robert F. Kennedy has filed for divorce from his wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy. The Journal News reported yesterday that the environmentalist decided to end his marriage with his wife of 16 years on May 12. Details of the split – and reasons for the separation – are unavailable. • A naked mannequin on display in a Nebraska store window caused a ruckus last week when police received phone calls reporting that its pants had fallen around its ankles. Though they are still undecided on whether it’s obscene or not, police proceeded to tape paper over the window, hiding her Barbie-smooth crotch from view. • A report from the Government Accountability Office indicates that some 4,500 U.S. passports issued in 2008 were given to registered sex offenders, at least 30 of which are also federal employees. “Federal statutes authorize the Secretary of State to deny issuance of a passport in certain circumstances,” the report states. “However, there is currently no comprehensive program to deny passports to applicants who are registered sex offenders.” The State Department calls the report “very misleading.” • Catholic bishops have announced that they’re considering an “alternative” sex education plan for public schools in the Philippines. Last Sunday, a group of religious officials met to clarify their methods. Apparently, they’re “not against sex education itself,” just the discussion of birth control and contraceptives. • The Church of England has voted to allow women to be ordained as bishops, but the debate rages on over whether to allow women in and what powers they should be granted. Traditionalists don’t want to see female bishops at all, while others warn that without women in their ranks, the church could turn into “a dwindling sect, a privileged minority, a reactionary husk.” • Like their male counterparts, many returning female vets suffer from PTSD. However, the army, which is already ill-equipped to handle mental disorders – the VA did not even provide mental-health services to female vets until 1988. To make matters worse, female vets tend to be even more stoic than men, according to some. •

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